Gondola Shelves for Sale

Gondola shelves for sale are a versatile type of retail store shelving used in a wide variety of commercial environments. These units are a popular choice among many businesses, including supermarkets, chemists and convenience stores. They offer a number of benefits over other shop display shelving units and can be easily reconfigured to accommodate new merchandise.

Our online catalog offers a wide range of options to outfit your business¬†gondola shelving systems from Shop Supplies with high-quality retail gondola shelving. Whether you’re looking for an 8′, 12′ or 20′ long run of gondola shelving to cover the walls of your store, we have the options that meet your needs. Our simple-to-use interface allows you to choose the length of shelving you need, then configure each shelf Unit with your selection of heights and base depths. You can even select the number of adjustable top shelves you want for your gondola Unit. After you’ve selected all the necessary components, you can then add your unit to the cart and purchase it online.

Adding a color scheme to your gondola shelving unit will make it stand out from the competition. Aside from attracting customer attention, it will also create a sense of brand consistency for your store. In addition to our traditional melamine finish, we offer a full line of colored shelving units to suit any brand’s visual identity. Our colors are easy on the eyes and are designed to be a natural backdrop against which your products will be highlighted.

Aside from being an economical choice for your retail store, gondola shelving is also durable and reliable. Our inventory includes both new and used gondola shelving for sale from leading manufacturers like Madix and Lozier. Our used shelving is refurbished to ensure it looks and performs as well as new fixtures. In fact, we have gondola shelves that were manufactured over forty years ago still in service today.

Another benefit of gondola shelving is that it’s very quick and easy to assemble. Unlike other types of retail shelving, you don’t need to hire a professional to install these units. Gondola shelving comes in a number of styles and sizes to fit your business’s retail space, so you can find the right solution to match your product inventory and merchandising strategy.

Gondola shelves can be configured as wall or island units, depending on your space and merchandising needs. The shelf depths can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of items, from small, light products like chips and medicine to heavier items such as canned food or tools. They can be configured with standard pegboard back panels for a versatile store fixture or metal gridwall to allow light to pass through the unit and highlight your merchandise.

Our gondola shelving is compatible with a number of store accessories to further enhance your store’s aesthetic and increase sales. These include baskets, dividers, data strips, wire merchandisers and more. These accessories can be purchased separately or as part of a complete gondola shelving system to maximize your sales potential.