What You Should Know About Ultrasound Scarborough

An ultrasound is a type of medical test that uses sound waves to create images (pictures) or videos of parts of the body. It can be used to look at many different things, including the size and structure of a kidney, an abdominal pain area or a fetus during pregnancy.

During an ultrasound, you lie on a special table and the doctor or healthcare Ultrasound Scarborough provider will apply a gel over the area to be scanned. The technician will then move a handheld device called a transducer over the gel to get images on a screen. They will also ask you to be still or hold your breath for a short time so the images are clearer.

Ultrasound can be very useful in diagnosing certain conditions, such as cysts, tumors or clogged kidneys. It also helps to diagnose certain types of pain, such as lower back pain and abdominal pain.

The ultrasound process starts by applying a thin layer of water-soluble gel to your skin. This gel won’t stain your clothes or make you feel uncomfortable, and the technician will wipe it off when they are finished with the test.

You will then lie on your side or back on the table, and the technician will move the transducer over the area they are scanning using gentle pressure. They will take several pictures and then wipe off any remaining gel.

This technique is extremely important in musculoskeletal ultrasound (muscles, bones and joints related) where it is particularly helpful in finding areas of pain or movement restriction. The sonographer is then able to see the exact location of the problem and then they can use this information to help them identify the best treatment for you.

Therapeutic ultrasound is another kind of ultrasound that is used to heal and repair damaged tissues in your body. The technology produces vibrations in the tissue, which generate heat that can help to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. This heat can loosen up tight muscles and tendons, as well as reduce pain.

In some cases, physiotherapists are trained to use this form of ultrasound as part of a treatment plan. This is a form of non-surgical treatment that is very effective at relieving pain and improving muscle function, especially when combined with physiotherapy.

There are two main ways that ultrasound therapy works to heal and repair your tissues: thermal energy (heat) and non-thermal benefits. The heat produced during an ultrasound treatment can decrease pain, increase blood circulation and improve the flexibility of your muscles. The non-thermal benefits of the treatment are less known, but can include decreased stiffness and spasms.