Why Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

Whether you suffered an injury at work that is preventing you from working or you’ve been denied benefits by your employer’s insurance company, a qualified workplace injury lawyer can help. These professionals can provide valuable insight into the workers’ compensation process and how to best fight for fair compensation.

Work injury lawyers handle cases involving a variety of injuries, illnesses and disabilities, including broken bones, emotional distress, heart attacks, loss of vision or hearing, and chronic lung disease. They also deal with claims involving car accidents, workplace violence and other work-related injuries. Some workers’ compensation attorneys specialize in particular fields, such as construction accidents or wrongful death.

A New York City-based firm, Klee Woolf Goldman & Filpi LLP, has been helping injured clients file workers’ compensation and personal injury claims for over 20 years. The firm has a team of 14 attorneys, supported by a network of medical professionals, pharmacists, and paralegals. Its clients include construction workers, janitors, factory employees and other professionals who have been injured on the job due to unsafe work conditions or chemical exposure.

Another firm that has been helping workers’ compensation claimants in the greater New York City area is Katz & Cruz. Its attorneys have more than two decades of experience and can assist workers who have suffered from occupational injuries, traumatic brain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, burns, amputations and spinal cord injuries. They can also help claimants obtain disability benefits, which can cover a worker’s lost wages and medical bills while they recover.

Many victims of work-related injuries and illness find themselves facing the stress and uncertainty of petitioning denied workers’ compensation claims. An attorney can help them better understand laws and rules that may impact their case, such as the fact that pre-existing conditions should have little or no bearing on a victim’s right to receive benefits under the workers’ compensation system.

While filing a personal injury lawsuit typically requires that a plaintiff prove negligence, workers’ comp claims do not have this requirement. A workers’ compensation attorney can help victims understand how to build a strong legal case while focusing on their recovery.

While it’s not always necessary to hire a Work injury lawyer, a serious or complicated workers’ compensation case might necessitate an attorney to ensure that all deadlines are met. Moreover, a legal professional can help navigate the sometimes complex bureaucracy involved in submitting and evaluating a claim. In addition, a legal professional can help ensure that proper documentation is provided to support a claim’s validity. For example, in Florida, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney could ensure that an initial evaluation does not exclude certain health issues or dismiss the seriousness of an injury. This can save victims time, money and even their lives. In addition, a legal professional can assist victims with challenging insurance companies by negotiating with them to obtain fair benefits. This can be especially helpful when the insurance company has a track record of low payouts and is reluctant to increase its offers.