How do I prepare for a move with movers?

A moving company, sometimes referred to as a van line or carrier, is an organization that offers all-inclusive services for household relocations. These companies transport, pack and unpack goods, load and unload boxes, and even assemble furniture for you. They also create a list of your belongings, called an inventory, to help you keep track of what is being transported and file claims if needed.

The best way to choose a moving company is to compare prices from multiple sources. Some companies have their pricing published online, while others may be more reluctant to divulge specific costs over the phone. If you are having difficulty finding pricing information, ask the company to send someone out for an in-home assessment. This allows them to better understand your household needs and provide a more accurate estimate. It can also help prevent surprises on moving day, as movers are unlikely to change their original quote once they have your home packed up and in the truck.

Besides price, another important factor is the company’s reputation. Each year, the Better Business Bureau receives an average of 13,000 complaints related to moving companies, including everything from misplaced boxes and missing items to overcharges and fraudulent practices. In addition to checking BBB records, you can also ask local real estate agents or other professionals if they’ve worked with the company in question.

While there are no guarantees, choosing a reputable company green island moving company will give you the best chance of avoiding these problems. To do so, look for a company that is licensed and insured and has excellent customer service ratings. A good starting point is to read reviews of local moving companies on Yelp and Google. You can also ask family and friends if they’ve used the company in the past.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, contact a few moving companies to get estimates. Ideally, you’ll want to find two or three companies that are willing to come out to your house and assess your situation before providing an estimate. Be sure to compare costs and extra services, like special item handling and storage-in-transit.

During your move, you’ll sign a contract (called a bill of lading) that defines where and how your shipment will be transported. It will also contain your moving company’s liability for loss or damage.

The type of transportation and the total weight of your shipment will determine your moving charges. You’ll also need to decide on whether you want a binding or nonbinding estimate. With a binding estimate, the final amount will not exceed what was quoted to you (assuming the weight values are accurate). With a nonbinding estimate, the total cost can change based on additional services or shipment changes.

One of the top-rated moving companies, North American, offers full-service moves with reasonable rates. Its extensive network of movers, worldwide availability and superior customer service make it a top pick for interstate and international moves. The company also provides one month of free storage and discounts for military veterans and senior citizens.