Sewer Line Repair Parker

The sewer line is an important part of your plumbing system and connects your home to the public wastewater system or a septic tank. The line can be damaged or backed up and requires immediate repair. Sewer lines can be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage and how old the pipes are.

The cost of sewer line repairs varies from house to house and depends on the condition of the pipe. If the problem is not fixed properly, it can lead to sewage backups that can cause extensive property damage.

Having your sewer Sewer Line Repair Parker line cleaned and inspected periodically can help you avoid costly sewer line replacements in the future. A good plumber can perform a sewer camera inspection to find the root of your sewer issue and recommend the best sewer cleaning and repair options.

Broken Sewer Pipes Are a Common Problem

A broken sewer line is an extremely serious plumbing problem that can cause significant property damage if not treated immediately. It can also lead to foundation cracks, settling or sinkholes. It can also attract unwanted pests, such as rodents and insects.

Tree Roots Invade Your Sewer Line

Invasive tree roots are a common cause of sewer line problems. They follow sources of water and can wedge their way into clay sewer pipes, especially in older homes.

If you notice a tree root growing near your main sewer line, it is highly recommended to have that area inspected and cleared. Removing the tree roots will often allow a plumber to repair the pipe.

Other causes of sewer line problems include buildup of hair, grease, oil, toilet paper, sludge, disposal wipes and diapers. These materials clog the line and create a difficult blockage that can be difficult to remove.

Besides being unpleasant, blocked sewer pipes can also affect your home’s water quality. Blocked sewers can result in low water pressure, gurgling sounds coming from your drains and even the smell of sewage in the air.

The most obvious sign of a sewer line problem is when your drains are slow to clear. Usually, this is caused by a clog that extends into the main sewer line or another pipe.

Your toilets and other fixtures won’t flush as usual. A clogged toilet or multiple clogged fixtures can be a warning sign that your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced.

Increased water bill: This is a big indication that you are having a sewer line problem. Your water bill will go up if there is a clog in your sewer line, or if you have a sewage backup.

Lush Green Lawn: Grass is a natural fertilizer and when it starts to grow in very green patches, it could be a sign of a leaky sewer line.

Lawn indentations: If your lawn has indentations, it can be a sign that the sewer line is moving or shifting.

In most cases, a clogged or damaged sewer line will need to be replaced. However, a plumber may be able to fix some sewer issues by using methods like augers, hydro-jetting, and snaking.